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UFO Commission might launch in Denver

Due to occasional UFO appearances in the United States, there is a movement to take the unknown objects seriously in Denver, Colorado.

Citizens of the Denver will cast a vote for creating an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission called “Initiative 300” in parallel with Nov. 2 general election in the U.S. Well over 10,000 signatures were submitted, far exceeding the 3,974 valid signatures needed to get the initiative on the ballot. 

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The major role of the commission is to collect evidence on extraterrestrial intelligent beings and their vehicles that have visited the Earth. Then, seven experts of the commission will review the evidence and evaluate the risks or benefits of contacting them.

Jeff Peckman, the chief proponent of the initiative, asserted that all people have a right to know about suppressed extraterrestrial technologies, which he listed on the group’s website as one of the five reasons to vote yes. He added that new technologies may help treat life-threatening diseases, offer cleaner energy and environmental cleanup, as well as create jobs.

The commission will be only funded by grants, gifts and donations, said Peckman.

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