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A Kenya man dies leaving over 100 widows and 210 children

A prominent polygamist in Kenya died at the age of 92 last Saturday. Akuku was married to 130 women and fathered 210 children during his lifetime.

Akuku is more commonly known as “Danger,” because many female found him irresistible. Danger came to own four villages, a church and two primary schools, mostly for his family and offspring to attend.


Akuku Danger (Captured from YouTube)
Akuku Danger (Captured from YouTube)

"I was very handsome. I dressed well and I knew how to charm women with sweet talk. No woman could decline my advances. I was a magnet," previously said Akuku to an anonymous journalist, as Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) reports.

According to the report, Akuku already had five wives at the age of 22. From 1932 to 1992, Akuku married more than 130 times, fathered over 200 children and divorced 80 women.

In Kenya, polygamy is still legal by the customary law, and a tradition. In most African societies, children were and still are a symbol of wealth.

(Herald Online)

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