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Kim Yu-na speaks out against ex-coach

It was confirmed that world figure champion Kim Yu-na parted ways with her coach Brian Orser, but the reason of their break-up is still not clear, triggering a media firestorm.

“I’m really disappointed and upset,” Kim wrote Wednesday on her Cyworld page, the local social networking site.

The Vancouver gold medalist noted that she could no longer stand to watch Orser make false allegations over their split, saying “He knows the truth.”

The Canadian coach, who had been guiding Kim since 2006, said Tuesday that he was sacked by Kim’s agency without knowing the reasons behind the decision following a meeting with Kim’s mother, Park Mee-hee, the CEO of AT Sports.

Orser said that neither he nor the skater knows the reasons for the split. “I was a little embarrassed, to be honest that I didn‘t know any of this stuff,” the former figure champion Orser was quoted as saying.
                             Kim Yu-na                                                                    Brian Orser
                             Kim Yu-na                                                                    Brian Orser

“I don’t know how much she (Kim) was involved in these discussions,” he said, implying that Kim had no choice but to follow her mother’s decision.

“We were just waiting to get our orders from the mother because that’s what we always did,” he said.

The 20-year-old figure star, however, denied her former coach’s claim, saying it was her own decision.

“I discussed with my mother before making the decision,” Kim said.

The figure star also wrote on her Twitter account; “Would you please stop to tell a lie B? I know exactly what’s going on now and this is what I’ve decided,” which appeared to be addressed to her former coach.

The situation has been deteriorating from from bad to worse since Orser’s agency released statements about the pair’s break-up on Tuesday.

“This is just a matter of changing coach as other athletes normally do,” Kim said without giving a clear clue why she gave the cold shoulder to Orser, who helped her to win the gold medal at the 2010 Winter games. However, Kim admitted that she had not always enjoyed training with Orser.

There are now reports speculating the figure star, one of the world’s highest-paid female athletes, might be considering her retirement from international competitions.

But AT Sports told The Korea Herald that Kim is still in training with her choreographer David Wilson in Toronto, and is now looking to for a new coach.

“Like she said earlier, she wants to continue skating,” a spokesman at AT sports said.

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