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German pop star Nadja Benaissa admits hiding HIV virus

Nadja Benaissa, one of Germany’s biggest pop stars, has admitted that she had sexual relationships with several men without telling them that she carries HIV virus, according to Daily News.

Benaissa of the best-selling girl group No Angels, told a German court on Monday that she knowingly exposed multiple men to the HIV virus without telling them she was a carrier.

Benaissa, 28, is on trial this week, accused of "grievous bodily harm and attempted aggravated assult," British newspaper The Guardian reports.

The singer allegedly hid her illness from three men she had sex with between 2000 and 2004, one of whom later became infected with the HIV virus.

The 34-year-old man says he and Benaissa had unprotected sex multiple times, and that her aunt ultimately told him the singer was HIV positive, causing him to get himself tested.

"You have unleashed a lot of misery into the world," the man said to Benaissa in the courtroom Monday.

Benaissa tested positive for the virus when she was 17, but kept it a secret from her sexual partners because she didn't think it was likely that she would infect them.

여성가수 에이즈 숨기고 남성들과 성관계, 독일 발칵

독일 '노 엔젤스'의  여성그룹 멤버인 나디아 베나이사(28)가 에이즈 감염사실을 숨기고 3명의 남성들과 성관계를 가졌다고 법정에서 고백했다고 외신들이 보도했다..

여러 외신들의 보도에 따르면 나디야는 HIV에 감염된 사실을 알고도 콘돔을 사용하지 않은 채 2000년부터 2004년까지 3명의 남성과 5차례의 성관계를 가졌다고 시인했다"고 보도했다. 관계를 맺은 남성 중 한명은 HIV에 감염되었다.

독일의 다름슈타트에서 열린 첫 공판에서 나디아는 자신이 한 일에 대해서 죄송하다고 말했다. 나디아는 17세때 HIV에 감염되었으며 상대방에게 전염되지는 않을 것 같아 그들에게 얘기를 하지 않았다고 한다. .

베나이사는 오는 26일로 예정된 선고 공판에서 유죄가 인정될 경우 최하 6개월, 최고 10년의 징역형을 받게 된다. 

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