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So Ji-sub denies rumor he will wed Han Ji-min

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Published : 2010-06-30 19:10
Updated : 2010-06-30 19:10

Actor So Ji-sub has denied a rumor that he will marry actress Han Ji-min.

During an interview with local news media on June 28, he mentioned his relationship with her. 

“I am sorry for her. She must have suffered more than I because she’s an actress.”

He added “since the marriage rumor, I have and could not get in touch with her.”

“Also, or now, I have no plan to get married. I would consider marriage when I’m around my 40s.”

Asked about his ideal type of woman, he said it is different from time to time, but he likes someone who can make him feel comfortable.

After So Ji-sub and Han Ji-min costarred in the KBS soap opera “Cain & Abel,” rumors were rampant that they would get married in December, even though the two had never admitted to being in a relationship.

In addition, pictures showing So and Han wearing the same rings added fuel to the rumor.

So is currently starring as Lee Jang-woo in the MBC soap opera “Road No. 1,” which depicts love and friendship during the Korean War (1950-53).

Where did ‘Hongdro’ go?

Hong Su-a -- an actress who earned the nickname “Hongdro” as she threw a nearly-perfect opening pitch in the first game of the pro baseball season -- made her fans worry. 

A picture of her posted on her webpage showed Hong much skinner than before. The title of the picture was “Practicing Driving,” and Hong added “Hard to walk and keep getting skinner.” The picture shows Hong without make-up and her hair tied back. 

Courtesy Hong Su-a's homepage

The photo instantly stirred online rumors that she is suffering a serious illness.

Recently, Hong featured in Singer Ali’s music video. To perform on stage with Ali, Hong has been concentrating on dance practices. However, during the practice, Hong injured her back, forcing her to seek treatment at a hospital.

After news of Hong’s hospitalization was released, Hong’s homepage was flooded with messages of support from fans.

Caregiver arrested for kicking patient to death

Police arrested a female caregiver on charges of kicking to death her patient -- an elderly woman suffering dementia.

Seoul Jungbu Police Station said the caregiver in her 50s is suspected of killing the patient at the latter’s home.

According to police, the caregiver has received 1.8 million won per month in return for taking care of the patient – 1 million won from the victim’s nephew and 800,000 won from a government subsidy.

However, she confessed that she could not tolerate the old woman’s verbal abuse, ending up kicking her to death.

”(The old woman) kept messing up the house, and insulting me verbally, which made me furious enough to commit the crime,” she reportedly told police.

An autopsy report from the National Institute of Science Investigation states that the dead woman had 15 broken ribs around her chest and her breast bone was crushed, indicating external factors caused her death.

By Chritsty Jin
Intern reporter