Big Bang receives best newcomer award in Japan

  • Published : Mar 30, 2010 - 12:56
  • Updated : Mar 30, 2010 - 12:56


빅뱅 일본유선대상 최우수신인상 수상

인기 아이돌 그룹 빅뱅이 `제42회 일본유선대상`에서 최우수 신인상을 수상했다.

빅뱅은 20일 도쿄 아카사카의 TBS-TV 본사 스튜디오에서 전국유선음악방송협회 주최로 열린 `일본유선대상`에서 최우수 신인상을 받았는데, 이는 외국 그룹으로서는 처음이다.

이 그룹의 멤버인 태양은 "여러분 덕분에 이렇게 훌륭한 상을 받게 됐다. 더욱 열심히 노력하겠다"고 수상 소감을 밝혔다.

Korean pop group Big Bang became the first foreign band to be named the best newcomer by the Japan Yusen Awards, organizers of the event said Monday, according to Yonhap News.
The all-male band received the award with their third single "Let Me Hear Your Voice," which made an immediate hit in Japan after its release last month, according to the Web site of the 42nd Nihon Yusen Taisho (Japan Yusen Awards).
"We are shocked and happy. We frankly did not expect to win this award," Taeyang, a member of the band, said during the award ceremony, held in Tokyo on Sunday.
The grand prize went to Japanese enka singer Kiyoshi Hikawa.
Big Bang is currently ranked No. 5 among groups showing the most prominence this year by Japan`s TBS music ranking program, "Countdown TV."