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Riches-meets-rags in new drama


In a timeslot dominated by the SBS epic action adventure "Swallow the Sun," a brand new rom-com is edging its way in and threatening to shake things up.
A picture perfect plot and cast ensure the new KBS Wednesday and Thursday night series a strong run. Short but sweet -- the drama is a mere 16 episodes long -- "My Fair Lady" capitalizes off a cliched-but-surefire plotline.
A bratty heiress learns some lessons in love and manners from an impoverished rogue who, despite initial intentions to seduce said heiress as her steward, will almost assuredly fall prisoner to love himself.
The key to a romantic comedy like this lies in the chemistry between the two leading characters. No sparks means no ratings. Which means that "My Fair Lady" is in luck, because "Coffee Prince" hottie Yoon Eun-hye and rising star Yoon Sang-hyeon will be tackling the roles of punk princess and tattered servant boy.
The 24-year old actress mastered the art of the rom-com in a set of dramas ranging from the popular "Coffee Prince" to the lesser known "The Vineyard Man" -- where she played an aspiring fashion designer who falls for a grape farmer and the world of grape farming.
Sound familiar? Yes, "The Vineyard Man" and "My Fair Lady" seem to have something in common: the spoiled princess humbled by lowly boy storyline.
Yoon Sang-hyeon, who will be playing the lowly boy this time around, has taken on roles in various dramas over the past four years, keeping a low profile before rising to stardom this year in the hit MBC drama "My Wife is A Superwoman."
Recently hounded by the press for his reported break-up with his former agency and their ensuing lawsuit against him, Yoon remained calm during a press conference last week when asked about his current situation.
"I have many days ahead of me to live," he said, stating that he feels he needs to focus on working hard on his upcoming drama, where he will be taking on the lead role for the first time.
"I quarrel with Yoon Eun-hye`s character and fawn over her," said the 35-year old actor, who looks set to continue to charm female fans as an ex-Casanova-turned-house steward in "My Fair Lady."
The press was treated to a few snippets of the initial encounters between the two characters during a 10-minute teaser at the press conference.
Yoon Eun-hye`s heiress and Yoon Sang-hyeon`s rogue drew laughs as they bickered, fumbled and exacted revenge on one another. Yoon Eun-hye, in particular, attracted attention with her newly dyed auburn hair and stylish, at times over-the-top, ensembles.
"I think there will be a lot stuff to look at," said the scarlet coiffed Yoon. "A great deal of attention is paid to the outfits."
During the preview, "Moon River" actor Jung Il-woo elicited a few laughs when he came galloping up on a white steed. Playing a knight-in-shining armor-type -- in the guise of a civil rights attorney -- Jung is sure to win female viewers over with his striking good looks and fitted suits.
Conspicuously absent from the teaser, "Brilliant Legacy" actress Moon Chae-won will, however, be starring in the drama as an aspiring shoe designer who has a thing for Yoon Sang-hyeon`s steward.
"She is essentially an upbeat character," said Moon, who recently played a downcast villainess with a conscience in the hit SBS drama "Brilliant Legacy."
"My Fair Lady" airs tonight on KBS 2 TV at 10 p.m.
By Jean Oh