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"Voyage to the world of illustration": Do you remember the last storybook you read? The exhibition running at Hangaram Art Museum at the Seoul Arts Center in Seocho-dong invites you to the world of childish innocence. More than 450 original storybook illustrations by 65 world-renowned illustrators including Anthony Browne, Helen Oxenbury, Herve Tullet, and Korean illustrators such as Go Ji-young, Choi Sook-hee and Choi Hyun-mook are on display. This is the second exhibition of the same title since 2007. Compared with the first time, this exhibition has doubled in size and the number of exhibits. More graceful than cartoons and easier to understand than complex contemporary art, the showcased illustrations easily catch viewers` eyes regardless of age. The show runs through June 23 at Hangaram Art Museum at the Seoul Arts Center in Seocho-dong, southern Seoul. Tickets are 10,000 won. For more information, call (02) 585-9991 or visit
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"Re: Membering - Next of Japan": The first things likely to come to mind from the phrase "Japanese contemporary art" are history or social issues-themed pop art or cute characters that girls adore, like Hello Kitty. But there is much more to modern Japanese art, according to this exhibition running at Doosan Gallery and Alternative Space Loop. Young Japanese artists since the 1990s tend to enjoy art more personally as a private amusement rather than to consider its relevance to society. Twenty up and coming Japanese contemporary artists including Yoko Asakai, Kazuna Taguchi and Kaneuji Teppei display various paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations and videos at the exhibition. The show runs through June 25 at Doosan Gallery in Yeonji-dong and Alternative Space Loop in Seogyo-dong, both in central Seoul. Half the exhibits can be found at one gallery and the rest at the other. For more information, call (02) 708-5050 or visit

"Inside Kitty": If Mickey Mouse is a Westerner who captured the world, Hello Kitty is the world`s sweetheart from Asia. An exhibition is underway at Seongnam Arts Center to commemorate the character`s 35th birthday. It starts by viewing the past of the character. Kitty fans will be delighted to see the nostalgic Hello Kitty items of the past 35 years on display. The highlight of the show, however, would be the character`s artistic transformation. Forty contemporary artists including graphic designer Kim Du-seob, installation artist Byun Dae-yong and supermodel-turned-party planner Miggi Chi reinterpreted Hello Kitty in various modern ways. Parody versions of masterpieces such as Georges Seurat`s "Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" or the sweet cat`s rebellious attitude in graffiti are fairly humorous. The show runs through June 28 at Seongnam Arts Center in Yatab-dong, Gyeonggi Province. Tickets are 15,000 won. For more information, call (02) 578-0262 or visit

"Automata Museum with Cookie Robots from Automata to Robot": This exhibition underway at Automata Museum gives children both scientific and artistic experiences. About 40 pieces of original automata works by 17 renowned artists are on display. Automata, which means self-operating machines, is a term used in the art or science field to describe non-electronic moving toys made to resemble human or animal actions. The exhibits, all by foreign artists, are mostly made of wood and move when their handles are turned. Their interiors are open so viewers can see and learn how they work. Robots made of cookies and chocolates can also be found at the exhibition. It runs until the end of June at Automata Museum in Sindorim Technomart in Sindorim-dong, western Seoul. Admissions are 12,000 won. For more information, call (02) 2111-6464 or visit

"Metal Art in Korea - Pounding and Polishing": Metal is one of humanity`s most favored materials. The exhibition running at Ewha Womans University Museum in Daehyun-dong, central Seoul is a summary of the various uses of metal art throughout Korea`s history. The museum has 300 exhibits on display including some that have never been shown to the public before. From the Bronze Age military arms, to ornaments from the period of the Three States, to the contemporary metal art of today, viewers can enjoy various metal art forms. Works by renowned metal artists such as Kim Jong-young and Song Young-soo can be found there as well as those of up and rising artists. Visitors can also see the Posco prize winning works, awarded to young and talented metal artists. The show runs through July. For more information, call (02) 3277-3152 or visit

"Within Light": Renowned Korean sculptor Kim Chung-jung is holding his 15th solo exhibition at Hakgojae Gallery. Kim is well-known for his abstract sculptures using LEDs. He had participated in the 16th Sao Paulo Biennale as the representative artist for Korea. At this exhibition, the artist showcases eleven new sculptures and installations. He shot light on stones or metal boards using LEDs to express the light within oneself. Kim`s exhibition runs through July 5 at Hakgojae Gallery in Sogyeok-dong, central Seoul. For more information, call (02) 739-4937 or visit

"Decorative Paintings of Joseon Palaces": Curious what kind of paintings Joseon kings hung in their bedrooms? Visitors can view the royal taste in art at an exhibition underway at the National Palace Museum of Korea. It showcases 58 sliding door paintings and two wall paintings found in Changdeok Palace. Most of the exhibits are being shown to the public for the first time. Colorful "Phoenixes" and "Peacocks," from the Philadelphia Museum of Art`s collection, and "Sibjangsang," or 10 immortal animal characters, are known to have symbolized the divinity of royal authority or were a means to wish for the royal family`s happiness and longevity. A video at the exhibition re-enacts the palaces adorned with the paintings. The exhibition runs through July 5. Admission is free. Audio guides are available in Korean, Chinese, Japanese and English for 1,000 won. For more information, call (02) 3701-7634~5 or visit

"Ceramics-Climax": If you are curious about contemporary ceramics, visit the exhibition "Ceramics-Climax" at Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province. It spotlights modernized formative ceramics that fit in the category of contemporary art. Twenty-seven ceramicists, including both leading and up-and-coming artists, are participating in the event. The pieces are original and sometimes even whimsical. Viewers can also see Paik Nam-june`s video installation "Shaping the future with Earth." About fifty monitors are installed in an earthenware-like mound made with fiber glass. The exhibition runs through July 5 at Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province. Admission is free. For more information, call (031) 481-7000 or visit

"Nervous Track": Your eyes will go spinning the moment you set foot in the Atelier Hermes. Artist Jim Lambie has covered the 325 square-meter floor with multi-colored neon vinyl tape for his first solo exhibition in Korea. The regular and irregular patterns of Lambie`s signature floor installations called "Zobop" cause an optical illusion which gives an eccentric ambiance to the space. Besides "Zobop," Lambie tries to show diverse aspects of his art in Seoul by displaying a dozen of his older and newer works together. Lambie`s first film work, also titled "Nervous Track," can be found at the exhibition. It shows the inside of a truck carrying a bottle as the artist drives the truck around Glasgow. The way the bottle bounces around describes the artist`s wandering state of mind. The exhibition runs through Aug. 9 at Atelier Hermes in Sinsa-dong, southern Seoul. It is located on the third floor of Maison Hermes Dosan Park. It is closed Wednesdays. For more information, call (02) 544-7722.

"Modern Korea 70": Many modern things have popped up and disappeared during the last several decades, giving up their places to something more convenient or beautiful. One by one, these once cutting-edge items turned into antiques. However, Hanyang University Museum at Haengdang-dong is showcasing 70 of these nostalgic items from the past 70 years for the purpose of sharing memories while commemorating its 70th anniversary. The exhibits vary from Korea`s first ramen, soju and cigarettes to beepers, "noraebang" (karaoke) machine and computers. Old CD jackets and movie posters from the 1970s will make middle-aged Koreans nostalgic. Korea`s first analog computer, invented by Hanyang University professor Lee Man-young in 1964, can also be found at the exhibition. The exhibition runs through Aug. 31 at Hanyang University Museum at Haengdang-dong, eastern Seoul. For more information, call (02) 2220-1394~6 or visit

"In the Flower Garden": 63 Sky Art, the world`s highest art museum, is displaying about 50 flower-themed paintings, interactive installations and actual flower works by 40 Korean and foreign artists like Kim Whanki and Andy Warhol. The exhibition is divided into four parts. While the first division, "Beauty Garden," shows relatively ordinary flower paintings, the second and third, "Fantastic Garden" and "Re-creation Garden," exhibit abstract and reinterpreted paintings, plus installations featuring flowers. The final part, "Play Garden" is the most unique with many interactive installations that react to the viewers` voices and movements and make beautiful images. The exhibition runs through Nov. 15 at 63 Sky Art in Yeouido, southwestern Seoul. Tickets are 12,000 won for adults, 11,000 won for adolescents and 10,000 won for children. For details, call (02) 789-5663 or visit

"Pussycat Dolls Live in Seoul": The five member fearsome pop and dance troupe The Pussycat Dolls will hold their first concert in Seoul as part of their "Doll Domination" world tour at the Olympic Park Soccer Stadium on June 6. Known for such hit dance singles as "Doncha," "Stickwitu," "Sway," "Wait a Minute," and "Beep" the group will look to enthrall Korean fans of their energetic theatrics for the first time in Korea. For more information on tickets contact (02) 545-5394

"Takacs Quartet & Son Yeol-eum": The acclaimed Takacs Quartet, known as one of the world`s best chamber music group, returns to Korea for their concert on June 18 at LG Arts Center. The group will perform Hyden`s string quartet, "Lobkowitz," and Bartok string quartet No.4. Up-and-coming Korean pianist Son Yeol-eum unites with the quartet for the concert, playing the Schumann piano quintet. The concert will be at 8 p.m. Tickets run from 30,000 won to 70,000 won. For details, call (02) 2005-0114 or go to

"Sung Min-je Recital": Sung Min-je, an up-and-coming 19-year-old Korean contrabass musician, took an ambitious leap to elevate the instrument`s reputation to release a solo album "Flight of the Double B," earlier this month with the prestigious Deutsche Grammophon label from Universal Music. Upon the release of the album, Sung will give a recital on June 19 at LG Arts Center in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul. Program will include highly technical tunes including the Frank Sonata. Sung`s mother, pianist Choi In-ja, who also collaborated with Sung in his album, will accompany him. Tickets are from 30,000 won to 50,000 won. For more information, call (02) 780-5054.

"Berryz Kobo MINI Live in Korea": Popular Japanese Idol group Berryz is set to hold their first concert in Korea at the Yonsei University Concert Hall on June 21. Berryz Kobo is an all-girl J-pop group within Hello! Project. In early 2007, Berryz Kobo made headlines after it was announced that the group would be holding a concert at the Saitama Super Arena. Not only were the tickets for the two performances sold out (a total of 20,000 seats) almost two months before the premiere, but the event also marked a historical record in that the band officially became the first to perform in the arena whose members had an average age of less than 14 years. For details contact (02) 1566-1369.

"Summer": U.S. rural country pianist George Winston, more often classified as a New Age Pianist, holds his recital, "Summer," at Seoul Arts Center on June 23 and 24. The pianist, long loved by Korean audiences, will present diverse tunes including "Urban Lullaby" from his latest album, plus his well-known repertoires "Forest" and "Montana - A Love Story." Winston will also play the harmonica and traditional Hawaiian slack-key guitar. Concerts will be at 8 p.m. Tickets are from 30,000 won to 120,000 won. For more information, call (02) 548-4480 or go to

"Jaurim Live": Acclaimed Korean folk-alternative rock band Jaurim fronted by the ever vivacious lead vocalist and guitarist Kim Yun-na, returns from their long hiatus for a concert to be held at the LG Art Center on June 27 and 28. For more information on tickets, contact (02) 3485-8700

"Lee So-jung Sings Chopin": Korean vocalist Lee So-jung, best known for starring as Kim in "Miss Saigon" on Broadway in the `90s, holds recitals on June 29 and 30 at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. She will perform tunes from her latest album, "Chopin and the Girl," in which she interpreted the composer`s music into vocals - improvising and setting words to it - in her own way. Rising Romanian pianist Sorin Creciun will accompany Lee. Concerts will be at 8 p.m. Tickets run from 30,000 on to 70,000 won. For more information, call (02) 518-7343.

"DJ Doc Poolside Party": Veteran Korean Hip-Hop group and party people, DJ Doc will hold their summer staple two-day poolside concert at the Sheraton Walker Hill Riverpark on July 11 and 12. Concert-goers clad in nothing but swimwear have added an element of fun in their poolside summer concerts and this year looks to be a continuation of what has become part of the group`s timeless repertoire. For more informaiton on tickets contact (02) 542-4145 / 450-6452

"Vienna Philharmnic with Sumi Jo": Acclaimed Vienna Philharmnic Orchestra, led by renowned Indian maestro Zubin Mehta, unites with Korean soprano Jo Su-mi for a concert on Sept. 29 at Seoul Arts Center. Jo will perform diverse tunes including "Mein Herr Marquis" from "Die Fledermaus" and "Je veux Vivre" from "Romeo et Juliette."
The concert is the fifth of the Super Concert series which is hosted by Hyundai Card. Tickets are from 70,000 won to 350,000 won. For details, call (02) 318-4301.

"Attack the Gas Station!": The hit movie "Attack the Gas Station!" (1999) has been adapted to a musical. The comic homemade musical centers around four peculiar young men who attack a gas station just because they are bored. With three-dimensional videos shot on stage, the show intends to present an updated and funnier version of the film. It will run through June 14 at Baekam Arts Hall in Samsung-dong, Seoul. Tickets are 50,000 won and 60,000 won. To find out more, call 1544-1555.

"Bbalae (laundry)": Popular singer and actor Lim Chang-jung stars in "Bbalae," his first musical in 16 years. Lim is acting in the show for free. His special friendship with the show`s production director Kim Hee-won who faced a major financial problem last year motivated Lim to help Kim out. The show is a love story between a bookstore employee Na-young and her neighbor Solongo, a foreign laborer. Lim doubles in the role of Solongo with theater actor Hong Gwang-ho. "Bbalae" runs through June 14 at Doosan Arts Center in Yeonji-dong, Seoul. Tickets are 20,000 won and 40,000 won. For details, call (02) 744-1355.

"Dreamgirls": Broadway show "Dreamgirls," better known to the Korean public as the 2006 movie version starring pop stars Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Hudson, which was loved by viewers for its catchy tunes and touching story, premieres in Korea starting Feb. 27. In the Seoul show, the main characters Deena will be played by musical actress Jung Sun-ah, who has proven her talent in hit shows including "Nine" and "Xanadu," while Effie will be played by both musical actresses Hong Ji-min and Cha Ji-yeon. The show will be staged until July 26 at Charlotte Theater in Jamsil-dong, Seoul. For details, call (02) 556-8556 or go to

"On Air 3": Singer Alex, a member of Clazziquai Project, is playing the character of the same name in the homemade musical. He recently made his musical debut through the show, which is showing at Chungmu Arts Center in Heungin-dong, Seoul. The musical, which centers around a relationship that develops between radio DJ Alex and producer Sun-jung, features familiar hit K-pop songs like "Manyakae (if)" and "Aein Isseoyo (I have a lover)." Singer-actress Jo Min-a plays Sun-jung while musical actor Song Yong-jin shares the male lead role with singer Alex. The show will run through June 27. For more information, call (02) 517-8642.

"Chicago": "Chicago," whose story many Koreans know from its 2002 film adaptation, starts showing at Seongnam Arts Center in Bundang, Gyeonggi Province, on June 5. The show boasts an impressive cast - popular singer Insooni who starred in the 2000 premiere run shares the role of Velma with veteran musical actress Choi Jung-won. Actor Huh Jun-ho will play Billy, while actresses Ok Ju-hyun and Bae Hye-sun double in the role of Roxy. The musical, set in the Windy City of the 1920s, satirizes a society where crimes prevail, combining the topic with jazz and sensual choreography. The show continues its run until June 29. Tickets are from 40,000 won to 110,000 won. For details, call (02) 577-1987.

"The Kingdom of Winds": The musical adaptation of writer Kim Jin`s same-titled hit novel returns starting June 1 at Seoul Arts Center. The show, which deals with the history of the Goguryeo Kingdom, puts emphasis on presenting movements and visuals rather than lines. Its innovative format has been well-received by audiences during previous runs. Popular musical actors Ko Young-bin and Kim San-ho each play Muhyul, the leading role, and his opposite Guaeyu, respectively. The show will be staged through June 30. Tickets are from 30,000 won to 60,000 won. For details, call (02) 523-0985 or go to www,

"Kleopatra": Created by well-known Czech singer Michal David, the musical became an instant hit in Europe after its 2002 premiere. The show, which portrays the life of the Egyptian queen and temptress, starts its run at Theater Yong in the National Museum of Korea in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, on May 26 and continues through July 12. Television and film actor Kong Hyung-jin makes his musical debut playing Caeser. Tickets run from 30,000 won to 100,000 won. For more information, call 1544-5955.

"My Scary Girl": The show is a musical version of the 2006 popular local film of the same name. The show portrays an awkward but romantic relationship that develops between Hwang Dae-woo, a naive English instructor who has never really dated a girl, and Lee Mi-na, a sweet girl who claims to be an art major but turns out to be a serial killer. Screen and television actor Shin Sung-rok plays the English teacher, while musical actress Bang Jin-eui plays the mysterious art student. The musical will be staged through July 15 at The Stage in Changcheon-dong, Seoul. All tickets are 45,000 won. To find out more, call (02) 2230-6601 or go to

"Mamma Mia!": "Mamma Mia" will open at the National Theater of Korea on June 21. One of the most popular "jukebox musicals," the show consists of hit songs by `70s pop group ABBA. It features the story of Donna, a single mother who tries to find the real father of her daughter, Sophie among three men in time for Sophie`s wedding.
Donna will be played by veteran musical actresses Choi Jung-won and Lee Tae-won. Actors including Jun Su-kyung, Lee Kyung-mi and Sung Ki-yoon, who have been performing in the show since 2004, will be back. The show offers 3 p.m. performances for Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as offering a 20 percent discount. "Mamma Mia!" will run through July 23. Tickets are from 40,000 won to 120,000 won. For details, call (02) 577-1987.

"Sachungi": Korean musical "Sachungi" is a stage adaptation of German playwright Frank Wedekind`s "Fruhling Erwachen" (1891) that deals with teenagers` sexuality. Yet "Sachungi" intends to present a more localized and contemporized version, reflecting such current issues as teenage internet addiction and suicide. The show is running through Aug. 31 at Haechi Hall in Myeong-dong, Seoul. Tickets are 35,000 won. For details, call (02) 3672-3001.

"Our Joyful Young Days": The musical adaptation of 1987 movie of the same name is showing at U Theater in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, in an open run. The piece centers around Young-min, who was in love with but could not marry his friend, Hye-rin, back in college. The two later run into each other on the subway and hye-rin, who was divorced at the time, marries Young-min. Popular film actress Uhm Ji-won makes her musical debut as Hye-rin, while comedian-turned-musical actor Jung Sung-hwa plays Young-min. Tickets are 50,000 won. For more information, call (02) 547-3061.

"Spring Awakening": The Tony Awards-winning musical from Broadway premieres in Korea starting July 4 at Doosan Arts Center in Yeonji-dong, Seoul. The show highlights the confrontation between teenagers who have just started to discover their sexuality and adults who try to suppress them with their authority. It discusses diverse topics including abortion, rape and suicide. The Korean production will revive everything from the Broadway show, except the actors. Musical actors Kim Mu-yeol and Jo Jung-suk play the two leading roles, Moritz and Melchior, respectively. It will be shown through Jan. 10, 2010. Tickets run from 40,000 won to 80,000 won. To find out more, call (02) 744-4011 or go to

"As Time Passes": Popular theater actress Yoon Suk-hwa stars in play "As Time Passes," a fairy-tale like love story of middle-aged man and woman, which is showing at Installation Theater Jungmiso in Daehangno, Seoul. The play is a stage adaptation of Russian dramatist Alexey Nikolayevich Arbuzov`s "Staromodnaya Komediya (Old-fashioned Comedy)." Tickets are 30,000 won to 50,000 won. For details, call (02) 3672-3001.

"Dandelion Becomes Wind": The last work in a series of plays put on by theater venture company Yeongeukyeoljeon 2 starts a repeat run at PMC Jayu Theater in Daehangno, Seoul. The play is about an old couple who have an honest talk with each other regarding their life. Well-known actors Cho Jae-hyun, Jung Woong-in and Ahn Nae-sang alternate in the leading role of Jung-gi. The play will run through Jun 7. Tickets are 25,000 won and 35,000 won. A discount of 20 percent is available for married couples. For details, call (02) 766-6007.

"Rain Man": The play adaptation of the same-titled hit movie from 1988 starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise is staged for the first time in Korea. The piece features Charlie, a self-made businessman, who meets his autistic brother Raymond after his parents die. Charlie, who first only cared about his parents` inheritance, starts to genuinely love and care for Raymond. Well-known screen and television actor Lee Jong-hyuk will play Charlie. The play runs through Aug. 2 at SM Arts Hall in Daehangno, Seoul. For details, call (02) 2051-3307.

"Story of an Old Thief": The hit play from theater venture Yeongeukyeoljeon returns at two venues - Daehangno and Gangnam. "Story of an Old Thief," a satirical piece which sheds light on social and political issues with humor, has received favorable response since premiering in 1989, making actors like Mun Sung-geun and Yoo Oh-sung popular. For this year`s version, veteran theater actors Park Jun-seo and Choi Jae-sup join the cast. The play will be staged as an open run at Sangmyung Arts Hall in Daehango and COEX Artium in Samsung-dong, Seoul. Tickets are 25,000 won and 35,000 won. For details, call (02) 766-6007.

"Fuego": The spanish flamenco dance troupe led by legendary dancer Carmen Mota brings their "Fuego" to Korea again. The dance musical will be shown June 9-14 at LG Arts Center in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul. From modernized flamenco performed in black and white suits in the first half to a traditional one in the second half, Mota expresses the energetic and passionate spirit of flamenco. The stage will be more spectacular with more dancers than previous years. Tickets are from 55,000 won to 150,000 won. For details, ca
ll (02) 517-0394.

"International Modern Dance Festival": The 28th annual MODAFE (International Modern Dance Festival), hosted by the Contemporary Dance Association of Korea is being held through June 6 at Arco City Theater in Daehangno and Merry Hall in Sogang University. The dance feat, which aims to promote exchanges among countries while introducing young Korean modern dancers to the world, features six foreign and 10 local groups` performances. Tickets run from 15,000 won to 50,000 won. For details, call (02) 763-5351 or go to

"Daegu International Musical Festival": The third annual Daegu International Musical Festival will kick off June 15 and continue through July 6 at various venues including Daegu Opera House and Gaemyung Arts Center. Such officially invited performances as "Metro Street" from Australia and local "Sing Sing Sing" and "Radio Star" will be staged during the period. For details on schedules, call (053) 622-1945 or visit
"Egypt, The Great Civilization": In a rare exhibition of Egyptian relics here, the National Museum of Korea in Ichon-dong is showing over 200 ancient artifacts in collaboration with the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Austria. The relics are from the Austrian museum`s world-class Egyptian Collection. Among the collection`s 12,000 artifacts from the Neolithic age to the Roman Empire, 231 pieces, including four original mummies, are here for display. The exhibition is divided into four parts - "Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt," "Son of God, Pharaoh," "Life in Ancient Egypt," and "The Way to Eternity." The first three sections consist of images of deities, busts of Pharaohs, amulets, jewelry, hieroglyphic papyri and various everyday tools used in ancient Egypt. The highlight of the exhibition, the mummies, is showcased in the last division. The exhibition runs through Aug. 30. Tickets range from 3,000 won to 10,000 won. The museum is located at Ichon Subway Station, line 4, exit 2. For more information, call (02) 2077-9199 or visit

"Portraits of Goguryeo People": The National Museum of Korea is displaying mural portraits of Goguryeo people. The works portray many types of people engaged in various activities. Visitors can learn about the characteristics of each region and time period from the different paintings. For instance, early paintings from the Pyeongyang region usually have figures wearing wide outfits with broad sleeves, while figures in the paintings found in the Jian region wear polka dot outfits including jackets and pants. The traditions of each region are also depicted differently. The exhibition runs through Sept. 27 at the Goguryeo gallery of the museum. The museum is located at Ichon Subway Station, line 4, exit 2. For more information, call (02) 2077-9000 or visit

"Vietnam: Life and Culture": The National Museum of Korea is hosting a special exhibition showcasing a collection of Vietnamese artifacts on loan from Vietnam`s National History Museum, National Ethological Museum and the National Museum. Items from the National Museum of Korea`s collections will also be on display. Visitors can take in traditional Vietnamese clothing, musical instruments and ceramics. Bronze drums from the ancient Dong Sun culture of Vietnam will also be part of the exhibition. Fifteenth-century blue-and-white porcelain dishes, discovered in a sunken ship off Cu Lao Cham Island, have traditional Vietnamese motifs. The exhibition is at the Asian Center and the India South East Asia galleries until March 11, 2010. The museum is located at Ichon Subway Station, line 4, exit 2. For more information, call (02) 2077-9000 or visit
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