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Where ravers go to party

Where ravers go to party

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Published : 2010-03-30 18:10
Updated : 2010-03-30 18:10


The bright yellow garb worn by the members of the impromptu parade that snaked its way through the audience of the third annual World DJ Fest only added to the event`s already overpowering energy.
The parade was only a small part of the two-day event that was attended by thousands of music fans from all over Korea, hungry for the chance to enjoy live music over the weekend.
"We just heard about it and thought we would check it out," Bridget Sheppard, a British expat living in Changwon said of the event. "We didn`t know what to expect given it`s Korea."
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Expats from all over the country attended the event. Some from Busan, especially, seemed to flock to the event despite the cross-country trek. Many of the Busan expats said they planned to stay up all night and take the first bus home once daylight broke Sunday morning.
The third annual event, held at the Nanji Campground on the banks of the Han River on May 9 and May 10, was a mixture of live music, DJ sets and arts and crafts. Thousands of Koreans and foreigners partied the night away, enjoying an eclectic mix of face painting, lasers and socializing.
Well known DJs such as DJ BeeJay, Guru, Fugi and Ditto were among the featured acts.
Both stages were packed throughout the day Saturday, despite a 50,000 won entrance fee. The main stage featured live music during the day, while a side stage saw a succession of DJ sets. Saturday evening, DJs on the main stage got the large crowd dancing. Tents along the edge of the event grounds let participants dance to different types of less mainstream DJ music.

A variety of colorful attendees roamed the grounds. Spacemen, punk rockers and other interesting types could be seen here and there during the course of the day.
Canadian expat Alex Lundgard, who lives in Busan, said she was excited by the opportunity the music fest presented.
"This is our first time to (experience) the Seoul DJ fest," Lundgard said. "We are glad we can interact with all these people. It`s really important, music connects all people I think it`s really beautiful."
Jordan Barrie, a Canadian living in Uijeongbu, said he came because he is a music fan who did not often have a chance to see live music.
"It was something to do in Seoul. We don`t get a lot of time off and it was fun," he said. "We don`t know a lot of the artists, but the people who came last year said it was great."
Though Barrie did not know any of the artists, he still came because the reputation of the event was so great.
Laura Shand, a British expat living in Bundang, noted some differences from previous years.
"I think it`s great. I remember there being more space, however," she said. "The price is twice as much as I remember."
Koreans also seemed pleased. "It`s great," Park Ye-in of Ilsan said. "It`s very fun."
Park Shin-young, a student at Korea University, was also impressed. "It`s really exiting and amazing!" She added that she liked that there were a lot of foreigners at the event.
Oh Hyun-min of Jeonju also liked the event.
"It`s perfect," Oh said. "I can`t find people like this in my area."
Veteran World DJ Fest attendee Michael McClocklin, who was attending the event with friends, said the crowd seemed a bit smaller than in previous years. "We remember the crowd being a bit deeper."
McClocklin, an expat living in Anyang, said he enjoyed the event for more than just the music.
"It`s the mixture of people," McClocklin said. "You get the opportunity to do some people watching as well."
McClocklin`s friend Megan Scott was also returning to the event this year.
"The first year I remember being really impressed. It`s nice to go to a music festival in Korea."
California native Shirley Abhan said the event surpassed her expectations.
"The crazy guy with the Egyptian thing going on was great. I was expecting `less of a festival` and I got `more than a festival.`"

By Shelton Bumgarner


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