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Choi Min-soo`s wife to host new show

June Kang, wife of Korean actor Choi Min-soo, fielded questions about her upcoming show and her family at a press conference in Seoul on Friday.
As the master of ceremonies for the new Arirang TV program "Diplomacy Lounge," Kang walked into the Seoul Plaza Hotel at 6 p.m. to give the press details on the upcoming show.
Throughout the conference, the topic deviated away from the show and to her husband. Though the press was asked to refrain from inquiring about Choi, a significant portion of the conference focused on the prominent actor.
Kang herself did not seem surprised by the interest in her spouse. Starting in late April, Choi has been receiving press for an alleged assault case, a lawsuit over performance wages and for his decision to live in the mountains.
"I feel a bit frustrated. You know my husband," said the 38-year-old, also known as Kang Joo-eun. "Solitude is his first friend. I am his second."
"He has lived in the Odae mountains before. He likes mountains. There are a lot of opinions about him living in the mountains now. I do not find it strange. I support it 100 percent."

According to news reports, the star of the hit SBS drama "Hourglass" (1995) has been living in the mountains for more than six months following an alleged assault case in April.
The prosecution dropped all charges on Choi -- who was accused of assaulting a 73-year old man -- in late June, but Choi then had a lawsuit filed against him in late August by a drama production company for not refunding a portion of the performance wages he received in advance, stated news reports.
Choi also reportedly announced that he would not be starring in the Hollywood movie "Street of Dreams," a joint American-Korean-Japanese production about the true story of Japanese-American gangster Montana Joe.
Unruffled, Kang discussed her husband`s support of her social activities and her desire for him to "fully express and develop his natural talents" this year.
"Don`t worry," she said. "I really trust my husband ... He is a born artist ... He is the man I married."
Kang, who married Choi in 1994, went on to compare her relationship with Choi to the movie "Forrest Gump."
"In `Forrest Gump,` the feather lands on (the main character`s) foot, and then a series of events unfold," said Kang, a Canadian native. "I think that feather might be my husband, and after that feather landed on my foot, a lot of things seemed to happen to me."
The former Miss Korea explained how she grew up under ordinary circumstances, as the only daughter of her family, but how, after meeting Choi, her life seemed to be filled with "surreal incidents."
Following her marriage, Kang built up an impressive resume that includes serving as the co-chair for the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea`s Education Committee, as the Secretary-General for the Korea Foreign Schools Foundation and as the Director of Communications and Development for the Seoul Foreign School.
Kang will now be emceeing for the new Arirang program "Diplomacy Lounge."
"Arirang invited me to emcee even though I haven`t had any broadcasting experience," said Kang, who finished recording an episode with the ambassador to the Republic of the Philippines.
Kang cites Diane Sawyer as someone who she respects but will not model herself after.
"I would like to show my own colors," she said.
"Diplomacy Lounge" is a talk show featuring foreign ambassadors stationed in Korea, foreign secretaries of state, prominent international and diplomatic guests along with presidents and prime ministers from various countries.
In February, the show is slated to focus on the ambassadors of America, Japan, China and Russia and their visions of Korea for the year 2009.
"Diplomacy Lounge" airs on Sunday, Feb. 8 at 10:30 p.m. on Arirang TV.
By Jean Oh