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"Anish Kapoor": Famed British sculptor Anish Kapoor is holding his second solo show at the Kukje Gallery. Ten large-scale sculptures are on display, including works that play on his most recognizable motifs. Viewers can see how Kapoor engages both the traditional forms of Minimalism while also embracing themes of Indian cosmology. The exhibition runs through Oct. 5 at the Kukje Gallery. For more information call (02) 735-8449 or visit

"Korean Young Artists III Sculptures and Objects: Solitary Meditation": The Doosan Gallery is holding a comprehensive exhibition of the works of three artists: Kim Hyun-soo, Ji Yong-ho and Choi Xoo-ang. The overall vibe of the exhibit is creepy, as these seemingly real and naked figures of humans skulk, cry and laze about the space. Ji Yong-ho`s rubbery sculptures, however, present a radical departure from the other two artists. Strange mythical and black beasts abound, turning the world of humans into an animal kingdom of sorts. The exhibition runs through Oct. 9 at the Doosan Gallery. For more information call (02) 708-5050 or visit

"B-Side": In a group exhibition, 22 Korean artists in their 30s and 40s showcase art that represents a departure from their usual body of work. Ranging from photographs, to drawings, installations, videos and sculptures, visitors are given a chance to see a diverse array of contemporary Korean art. The exhibition runs through Oct. 12 at doART Seoul. For more information call (02) 2287-3500 or visit

"Zhou Tiehai": High profile Chinese artist Zhou Tiehai is currently holding a solo exhibition at the PKM Gallery. Zhou has shown his works at the Venice Biennale in 1999 and at the Centre Georges-Pompidou and New York`s Whitney Museum of Art. The PKM Gallery is showcasing his signature Joe Camel paintings. In addiition to his camel paintings, a series of meditative works will aslo be displayed. The exhibition runs through Oct. 18 at the PKM Gallery. For more information call (02) 734-9467 or visit

"Reality+Image": Korean artist Kim Kang-yong is holding a solo exhibition at the Gana Art Center in Pyeongchang-dong. Paintings of bricks dominate the space, bringing a colorful and textured Modernist vibe to it. By applying a mixture of sand and adhesives to the canvas with a knife, and then painting over it, Kang adds a sense of dimension to his depictions of these rectangular objects. The exhibition runs through Oct. 19 at the Gana Art Center. For more information call (02) 720-1020 or visit

"Contemporary Korean Photographs 1948-2008": The National Museum of Contemporary Art gives viewers a history lesson in the development of Korea. More importantly, visitors are given a golden opportunity to chart the changes in this country`s social, political, geographical and cultural terrain through photos of a solitary woman trudging through the snow in the 1960s, a war orphan crouching in hunger and high school lovers cuddling into the 21st century. The exhibition runs through Oct. 26 at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Gwacheon. Tickets are 3,000 won for adults. For more information, call (02) 2188-6000 or visit

"Romance of the Three Kingdoms in Korea": The Seoul Museum of History is holding a special exhibition on the epic "Romance of the Three Kingdoms." The exhibition looks at related stories, comics and films along with the Qin and Shu Dynasty`s version and Luo Guanzhong`s telling of the famed tale. It also delves into the history behind the splitting of the Late Han Dynasty into three kingdoms and the ensuing conflict. The exhibition runs through Nov. 9 at the Seoul Museum of History. The museum is located near the Gwanghwamun Subway Station, Line 5, Exit 7. For more information call (02) 724-0114 or visit

"Masters of the 20th Century Latin American Art": Seoulites have been treated to some precious art exhibitions recently and now they have a new one that portrays the beauty and mystery of Latin America. This exhibition features about 120 modernist artworks from 16 countries in Latin America. The paintings showcase the development of Latin America`s own style and artistic beauty away from the popular salon-style that has permeated the art world during the past 100 years. The exhibition runs through Nov. 9 at the National Museum of Art at Deoksu Palace. Tickets are 10,000 won for adults, 7,000 won for adolescents and 5,000 won for children. To get there, go to City Hall Subway Station Line 1, Exit 1 and enter Deoksugung. For more information, call (02) 368-1414 or visit

"AIRWORLD: Design and Arhitecture for Air Travel": The Daelim Contemporary Art Museum is holding the famed Vitra Design Museum`s exhibition of the fascinating world of airplanes. From models of the planes themselves, to highly fashionable stewardess uniforms designed by Emilio Pucci and Ralph Lauren, to innovative in-flight food trays and cutlery, this exhibition gives visitors a glimpse of all the creative design ideas that have led to the comfortable seating, dining and flying of today. The exhibition runs through Nov. 9 at the Daelim Contemporary Art Museum. For more information go to (02) 720-0667 or visit

"Lee Bul": Internationally famed Korean artist Lee Bul reminds of her knack for the unexpected with a solo exhibition at PKM Trinity in Cheongdam-dong. In addition to works shown at New York`s Lehmann Maupin Gallery in May and at Paris` Fondation Cartier pour l`art contemporain last year, Lee will also be showcasing a new series for the first time in Korea. Sleek and modern, Lee`s installations bring an air of thought-provoking sophistication to PKM. Lee Bul`s solo exhibition runs from Oct. 16 to Nov. 20 at the PKM Trinity Gallery in Cheongdam-dong. For more information call (02) 515-9496 or visit

"Embracing Evening": Korean photographer Kang Woon-gu is showcasing 113 works at the Hanmi Foundation of Arts and Culture`s Museum of Photography. Primarily black and white, Kang`s photographs capture the earth of this nation in its various cracked and verdant forms, replete with footprints and the people who till it and harvest it. The exhibition runs through Dec. 6 at the Hanmi Foundation of Arts and Culture`s Museum of Photography. To get there, go to Mongchontoseong Station (Line 8, Exit 2). Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m and weekends are from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. For more information, call (02) 418 - 1315, or visit www.

"Korean Art 1910-1960": Art aficionados can take in early to modern Korean art in one sitting at the National Museum of Contemporary Art. The "Korean Art 1910-1960" exhibition on the third floor traces the early development of modern Korean art. Not only does this exhibition showcase the highly valuable works of Park Soo-keun - his work "A Wash Place" sold for a record 4.52 billion won ($4.51 million) last May - it also displays the works of Korea`s first female painter of note, Na Hae-suck, as well as one of Korea`s first impressionists, Oh Jiho, and the leading artist, Lee Jung-sup. The "Korean Art 1910-1960" exhibition runs through Feb. 22, 2010. To get to the National Museum of Contemporary Art, go to the Seoul Grand Park Subway Station, Line 4, Exit 4. A shuttle bus runs from there to the museum every 20 minutes, starting from 9:40 a.m. Tickets for adults are 1,000 won for adults and 500 won for adolescents. Admission is free for children and the elderly. Opening hours are daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The museum closes at 9 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. For more information, call (02) 2188-6000 or visit


"Richard Bona Group:" The African musician combines his native music with jazz, creating a unique sound that has been loved by audiences throughout the world. Bona will deliver his sophisticated vocals and emotion-laden melodies Oct. 22 at Goyang Aramnuri Theater in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province. Tickets are 20,000 won to 70,000 won. For details, 1577-7766 or go to

"Arashi Around Asia 2008 in Seoul": The hit five member Japanese boy band is coming to Korea. Slated to perform at the Seoul Olympic Fencing Stadium on Nov. 1 and 2, Satoshi Ohno, Sho Sakurai, Masaka Aiba, Kazunari Ninomiya and Jun Matsumoto will be bringing in the fans with their eclectic mix of hip-hop, R&B and pop. Though the tickets are reportedly sold out, hard-core fans can try to purchase some at or by calling (02) 1566-1369.

"Billy Joel Live in Seoul 2008": Six-time Grammy award-winning pop star Billy Joel will be giving his first concert in Seoul on Nov. 15 at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena at 7 p.m. Famed for his songs "New York State of Mind" and "Piano Man," this singing legend is celebrated as a songwiter and performer. Ticket prices range from 80,000 won to 180,000 won. To get tickets go to, or call (02) 1566-1369.

"Kim Woo-kyung Recital:" Kim Woo-kyung, the first Korean tenor to play a leading role at the New York Metropolitan Opera, will hold his first recital in Korea. Kim will perform the 16 love songs from "Dichterliebe (The Poet`s Love)" by the great German writer Heinrich Hiene, along with famous arias from operas like "The Magic Flute," "Carmen" and "La Boheme." The recital will take place on Nov. 20 at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets run from 30,000 won to 70,000 won. For details, call (02) 3461-0976.

"Extreme `Take Us Alive` World Tour": Hit rock band Extreme is coming to Korea for the first time to perform this December. This chart topping band, most famed for their hit song "More Than Words," have finally reunited to go on a world tour. It has been 12 years since they broke up. And now with their new record "Saudades de Rock" out, they are ready to prove their mettle in the world of rock. The concert is scheduled for Dec. 13 at 7 p.m. at the Melon-AX concert hall in eastern Seoul. Tickets cost 88,000 won. For more information call (02) 3444-9969 or visit


"Shoeshine Boy": The homemade musical has the typical formula of cinderella love story - a shoeshine boy gets a job at a big company and falling in love with the daughter of its president. Starring singer and musical actor Rich, the show features some witty and unique songs. The show will run through Oct. 18 at Theater Tree and Water in Daehangno, Seoul. Tickets are 30,000 won. For details, call (02) 745-2124.

"The Prince of Tennis": The musical version of the well-known Japanese cartoon and animation will hit the Korean stage next month. It is the first time that a Japanese team of musical actors is performing in the country. The show concerns the friendship and dreams of high-school tennis players and features some dynamic tennis matches on stage. It will run from Oct. 17 to 19 at COEX Auditorium in Samsung-dong, Seoul. For details, call (02) 2051-3307 or visit

"Hamlet": The Korean production of the well-known Czech musical "Hamlet," which also was a big hit on Broadway is running for the second time in Korea. The main roles of the classic piece will be played by four popular stars - musical actors Park Gun-hyung and Yoon Hyung-ryul, singer-turned actor Lee Ji-hoon, and popera singer Lim Tae-kyung. The show will run through Oct. 19 at Sookmyung Arts Center in Cheongpa-dong, Seoul. Tickets are 44,000 won to 66,000 won. For details, call (02) 715-6358.

"Karma": The homemade non-verbal performance "Karma" is targeting the world market by combining various dance and martial arts with the story of love, conspiracy and rebirth that take place in the world of Gods. The show which premiered here in 2007 has already been receiving wild responses from abroad including Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and Mexico. The show will be staged from Oct. 16 to 24 at the National Theater of Korea. Tickets are 40,000 won and 50,000 won. For details, call (02) 336-1289 or go to

"Hello, Francesca": An adaptation of the popular homemade TV sitcom of the same title, the musical features the unlikely character of Francesca, a 500-year-old Romanian female vampire, and her clan who visit the human world. Leading musical actress Choi Jung-won will play the role of Francesca, the seemingly arrogant but witty and warm-hearted vampire. Chae Dong-ha, the singer-turned-actor who previously led the popular R&B band SG Wannabe, will star in the show as well. It will be staged at Theater Yong at the National Museum of Korea through Oct. 26, and on Nov. 1-2 at Goyang Aramnuri Theater in Gyeonggi Province. Tickets run from 40,000 won to 100,000 won. For more information, call (02) 789-3160.

"Xanadu": The Korean version of the musical "Xanadu," a Broadway musical based on the 80s movie of the same title starring Olivia Newton John hits the stage starring two members of boy band Super Junior - Kang-in and Hee-chul - starring in the show as Sonny. The story is about Kira, the muse who comes to the human world and falls in love with artist-wannabe Sonny. It will be staged through Nov. 23 at Doosan Art Center located in Yeonji-dong, northern Seoul. For details, call (02) 745-5570.

"Kleopatra": Created by the well-known Czech singer Michal David, the musical became an instant hit in Europe after its 2002 premiere. The show, which portrays life of the Egyptian temptress and diplomatist, drew more than 550,000 people in just two years. The Korean production starring singer Park Ji-yoon will be staged through Nov. 30 at Universal Arts Center in Neung-dong, Seoul. Tickets run from 40,000 won to 100,000 won. For more information, call (02) 549-4167.

"Grease": The Korean version of the hit Broadway musical, staged by OD Musical Company, one of the country`s leading production companies. The show about the dreams and heartaches of teenagers is simple in plot and light in mood, but those points are proving to be exactly what draws people. Also great 50`s rock `n` roll songs are always a favorite. "Grease" is scheduled to run from Oct. 30 to Dec. 14 at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets are 40,000 won and 60,000 won. For more information, call (02) 556-8556 or check out

"Cats": The Korean production of the world-famous musical "Cats" is running through Dec. 31 at Charlotte Theater in Jamsil-dong, Seoul. Featuring singer and actress Ok Ju-hyun as Grizabella and Dae-sung from boy band Big Bang as Rum Tum Tuger, the sexy and rebellious cat. Tickets are from 40,000 won to 120,000 won. For more information, call (02) 501-7888 or visit

"Rocky Horror Show": The cult musical created by British writer Richard O`Brien, which premiered in 1973, is still considered one of the most provocative works in the genre. The production is often referred to as the cult rock version of "Frankenstein" and "Dracula" combined, with extraordinary imagination added in. For the local version`s sixth run, four different actors - Hong Rok-gi, Song Yong-jin, Kang Tae-eul, and Kim Tae-han - will be co-starring in the lead role, Dr. Frank-n-Furter, each portraying different characters. The show will be held in Theater SH, Daehangno through Jan. 18, 2009. Tickets run from 40,000 won to 55,000 won. For further information, call (02) 501-1670.

"Singles": The musical adaptation of the mega-hit homemade movie of the same title - well-liked by the audience since premiering in 2007 - will return to the theater from Oct. 25 to Jan. 18, 2009. Starring singer Andy from group Shinhwa and Lee Sung-jin from group NRG as the leading role Jung-jun, the show will deal with the lifestyle of singles in their late 20s to 30s. The show will be staged at Baekam Art Hall in Samsung-dong, Seoul. For more information, call (02) 764-8760.

"Evil Dead": The comic musical based on Sam Raimi`s `80s cult-classic horror films of the same name has found favor with Korean audiences since its premiere this year. The show won the best small theater award at the Second Musical Awards in April hosted by Korea Musical Theater Association and is now on an open run at SM Star Hall in Daehangno, Seoul. For more information, call (02) 2051-3307 or visit

"Hedwig and the Angry Inch": The mega-hit rock musical is running for its fourth season. But there is a twist this time: Six different actors are taking on the title role, each for three to six weeks. All the Hedwigs are completely different from the others, with their outfits, make-up, and even lights personalized to fit and reinforce each version. The musical is on an open run at the KT&G Sang Sang Art Hall in Samseong-dong, southern Seoul. Tickets cost between 45,000 won and 55,000 won. For more information, call (02) 501-7888


"Alegria": The beloved circus troupe Cirque Du Soleil will be back in the country with "Alegria." The show features superb music, including the self-titled theme song, which won a Grammy Award in 2004, along with high-level aerial acts, fire dancing, contortionists and Baroque-inspired costumes. It will run from Oct. 15 to Nov. 19. at the Jamsil Sports Complex. Tickets are 50,000 won to 110,000 won. For more information, call (02) 541-3150 or visit


"All Out of Time": This show has none of the spectacular settings that most that most theatrical shows offer these days. There are just two actors - a male and a female - and a bench and a tree for the setting. But the story about two lovers is intriguing. The play`s idea came from director Kim Doo-yong`s dream in which he visited "sahyunjip," an imaginary place where people can meet the dead. According to the myth, a meeting with a dead person is allowed, in exchange for the loss of the memory about the person afterwards. "All Out of Time" will be staged through Oct. 12 at Sang Sang White Theater located at Daehangno, northern Seoul. Tickets are 25,000 won. For details, call (02) 744-7304 or visit

"Night Mother": With veteran actresses Na Mun-hee and Son Sook doubling the role of the mother Thelma, the show looks at the importance of communication between family members. "Night Mother" is about Jessie, a divorcee, who lives with her mother. One day, Jessie says she wants to commit suicide. Much of the play consists of the last conversation between her and her mother before Jessie kills herself. The show will run through Nov. 2 at Wonder Space Theater. Tickets are 30,000 won and 40,000 won. For details, call (02) 766-6007 or visit

"Melodrama": The hit show from 2007 is back on stage. Centering on a married couple, Yu-kyeong and Chan-il, the play depicts five different love affairs. TV actress Kim Sung-ryeong stars as the married woman. Director Jang Yu-jung, famous for "Finding Kim Jong-wook," used music from third-world countries to spice up the play. "Melodrama" will run through Nov. 2 at DaeHakNo Culture Place EDA located in Daehangno, Seoul. No performance on Mondays. Tickets are 30,000 won for adults and 20,000 for students. For details, call (02) 762-0010 or visit

"I Love You": A stage adaptation of the hit online cartoon by Kang Full (Kang Do-young) has started its second run in Daehangno, Seoul. The story spotlights two elderly couples - one a milkman and a woman who gathers and sells discarded newspapers to make a living; the other a valet in a parking lot who devotedly looks after his senile wife. The play is being performed at The Good Theater in Daehangno. Tickets are 35,000 won. For more information, call (02) 742-9005.


"Modern Ballet Project": A three day-event organized by Universal Ballet Oct. 17-19 to help break the stereotype that modern ballet is too abstract for the average person. Co-hosted by LG Arts Center, the event will feature will three works by renowned modern ballet masters - "Black Cake" by Dutch maestro ballet master Hans Van Manen, "Variations Serieuses" by British choreographer Christopher Wheeldon and "In the Middle Somewhat Elevated" by American choreographer William Forsythe. The performances will be staged at LG Arts Center in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul. For details, call (02) 2005-0114.


"MAC Jazz Festival:" Mapo Arts Center in Mapo-gu, Seoul will host its first jazz festival next month. Although small in size, the event will stage some high-quality performances by well-known artists such as the British jazz pianist Eddie Higgins and Norwegian jazz singer Inger Marie. The festival will continue through Oct. 12. For details, call (02) 3274-8600 or visit

"The Baekje Cultural Festival": The 54th Baekje Cultural Festival will run through Oct. 12 in the quaint town of Buyeo in South Chungcheong Province. The festival began in 1954 to honor and pass on the history and culture of the Baekje Dynasty (B.C. 18 - A.D. 660). Buyeo, Gongju and what became Seoul were the capitals of that dynasty.
The nine-day-long fiesta offers a variety of events, ceremonies and reenactments for families and anyone else. The opening ceremony will begin with a Baekje cavalry parade, followed by reenactments of the rise of the kingdom and its cultural and trade exchanges, as well as the lighting of the "Baekje flame."
Events fair include religious services for four Baekje kings, a Baekje potter`s wheel contest, a "Gijisi" tug-of-war competition, Baekje instrumental music performances, and a horse-riding competition. For more information, go to

"Seoul Design Olympiad 2008": The Seoul Metropolitan Government is highlighting its role as a hub of design with a gala event, titled Seoul Design Olympiad 2008. The Olympiad kicks off this Friday with a concert featuring K-pop stars BigBang, Dynamic Duo, Solbi and Kim Gun-mo, and runs through Oct. 30. Fireworks, design auctions, fashion shows and b-boys carry on the extensive festivities. In addition, design aficionados get the opportunity to participate in a series of design conferences and exhibitions featuring top architects Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind and industrial designer Ross Lovegrove. The event is taking place in the Jamsil Sports Complex and the Hangang Riverside Park. For more information call (02) 6361-3436 or visit

"The World Festival of National Theaters": Hosted by the National Theater of Korea, and created last year so that various cultures can learn about each other, this series of events is running at the National Theater of Korea in downtown Seoul. This year, 18 performances from eight countries, including Russia, Norway, France and China, will be staged. One of them is the Chinese ballet "Raise the Red Lantern," directed by Zhang Yimou, the director of both the opening and closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The festival will run through Oct. 30. For more information, call (02) 2280-4114.


"Manmin church celebrates anniversary": Manmin Central Church celebrates its 26th anniversary on Sunday with a service and festival under the senior pastorship of Lee Jae-rock at the church`s main sanctuary in Seoul.
The church`s anniversary brings more than 200 guests from more than 30 countries together, church officials said. The celebration will be broadcast live - along with festivities to concurrently celebrate the third anniversary of the Global Christian Network.
Since its founding in 1982, Manmin Central Church has followed the evangelical theology and orthodox biblical teachings, grounded in senior pastor Lee`s sermons and daily prayers conducted by the congregations.
Manmin Central church has the largest number of churches in Korea and more than 7,800 churches around the world. It has conducted world-wide missionary work in the United States, Russia, the Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Pakistan, Argentina, Honduras and India.
Pastor Lee is the author of 53 books on Christianity and spiritual matters, which were translated and published in the United States, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia and Egypt.

"Annual Report: A Year in Exhibitions": The 7th Gwangju Biennale, titled "Annual Report: A Year in Exhibitions," is showcasing a broad spectrum of art at five different venues: the Biennale Hall, the Gwangju Museum of Art, the Uijae Museum of Korean Art, the Daein Traditional Market and Cinema Gwangju. The theme-less event challenges viewers` perceptions of fine art, and deals with issues such as ethnicity, displacement and immigration via a diverse array of media. The biennale runs through Nov. 9. Admission is 12,000 won for adults; 5,000 won for adolescents; and 2,500 won for children. For more information, go to

"NOW JUMP": Located in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, the Nam June Paik Art Center holds inaugural festival. Drawing from the movement that spawned Paik`s early works, the center`s festival takes a leap of faith by moving forward and into the future. From performance art to works from Fluxus members, viewers and young artists are encouraged to continue to push the boundaries of art. NOW JUMP runs through Feb. 5. Reservations are required for certain performances. To make reservations, send the title and date of performance, along with your name, to Tickets are 3,000 won for elementary school students, 5,000 won for middle and high school students and 7,000 won for adults. For more information, call (031) 201-8512 or visit