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KTF launches new wireless data uploading technology

KTF launches new wireless data uploading technology

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Published : 2010-04-05 19:12
Updated : 2010-04-05 19:12

KTF, the nation`s second-largest mobile operator, said yesterday it launched a high speed up-link packet access, or HSUPA, commercial network.
HSUPA, allowing fast data uploading speed, is an upgrade of the wireless technology known as high speed down-link packet access. HSDPA is fast when downloading large files but relatively slower than HSUPA when it comes to uploads. Download speeds with HSUPA are similar to HSDPA.
Theoretically, HSUPA can upload data with a maximum speed of 5.6 megabits per second, meaning users can upload a 1-megabyte photo in 1.4 seconds.
KTF, which is the first Korean mobile operator to launch such a network, demonstrated the HSUPA service using a USB-type device with an uploading speed of 1.45 megabits per second at the KT Gwanghwamun branch in Seoul.
The company said the HSUPA service using USB-type devices will begin in major cities including Seoul, Busan, Dajeon, Gwangju and Daegu, and the nation-wide service will be available in October.
The HSUPA service using mobile phones will be available in the first quarter in 2008, the company said.
"Since KTF launched HSDPA service on March 1 in an attempt to lead the 3G market, it secured 750,000 subscribers as of June 13," said Park Won-jin, vice president of KTF.

Meanwhile, SK Telecom, which holds over a 50 percent market share in 2G mobile communications, plans to begin building the HSUPA network in Busan within this month, and it will launch the service using USB-type devices in October, company spokesperson Cindy Kang said.

By Kim Yoon-mi


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