Video shows Korean woman strip-dancing in Suwon, goes viral

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Monaco prince bloodied after brawl in NYC bar

NEW YORK (AP) -- A grandson of the late Princess Grace of Monaco has been briefly hospitalized after a brawl in a New York City nightclub. Prince Pierre Casiraghi suffered cuts to his face during th...

Updated : 2012.02.21 10:32

Woman leaves home for lack of toilet in India

When Anita Narre stormed out of the house, she just had one request; let me flush. According to BBC reports, the newlywed woman in India left home because they had no toilet and returned only when h...

Updated : 2012.02.15 09:37

Jesse Jackson Jr. says ticket purchase for girlfriend was not an ethics violation

Jesse Jackson Jr. says ticket purchase for girlfriend was not an ethics violation Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., said Monday that he did not violate House ethics rules when he had a longtime friend...

Updated : 2012.02.08 13:31

Doctors in Peru to remove 'parasitic twin'

LIMA, Peru (AP) -- Doctors in Peru have found a ``parasitic twin'' in the stomach of a 3-year-old boy, and plan to surgically remove the tissue Monday. Dr. Carlos Astocondor of the medical team at L...

Updated : 2012.02.01 11:16

Nearly 14-pound baby boy born in US

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- A woman in the state of Iowa has given birth to a boy weighing 13 pounds and 13 ounces (6.2 kilograms) -- without the aid of surgery. Asher Stewardson was born Thursday at M...

Updated : 2012.01.31 10:38

Secret Service probes Internet Obama photo

WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Federal agents say they are investigating a picture on the Internet allegedly showing Arizona men holding guns and a bullet-ridden image of President Obama. The picture allegedly...

Updated : 2012.01.29 16:15

Protesters strip down for Washington gala

WASHINGTON (AFP) -- Protesters from Occupy DC, facing a clampdown on their encampment Monday, stripped down for a topless street party Saturday outside a black-tie gala for Washington's biggest mover...

Updated : 2012.01.29 15:26

Flying 'shark’ stuns pilot

A remote-controlled helium-filled shark toy stunned an airborne pilot in New Zealand, NZ Newswire reported. The passenger jet was on its descent about 9 kilometers from Christchurch International Ai...

Updated : 2012.01.04 11:21

Catholic church ordains married man

Updated : 2012.01.01 11:56

Pizza maker charged with using mice against competition

Updated : 2012.01.01 11:55

Shop to make breast milk ice cream

Updated : 2011.12.27 22:26

Japanese baby survives 10-floor fall

TOKYO (AFP) - A Japanese baby survived a 10-floor fall virtually unscathed after being deliberately dropped by his father from their apartment on Thursday, reports said. (Bloomberg) The one-year-ol...

Updated : 2011.12.15 20:32

Saudi woman beheaded for 'sorcery'

A Saudi woman was beheaded Monday after being convicted of practising sorcery, which is banned in the ultra-conservative kingdom, the interior ministry said. Amina bint Abdulhalim Nassar was execute...

Updated : 2011.12.13 11:10

Hundreds gather for Singapore 'SlutWalk' protest

SINGAPORE (AP) _ Hundreds of people gathered at a park in Singapore on Sunday to protest sexual violence against women as part of the global ``SlutWalk'' movement, in a rare public demonstration in t...

Updated : 2011.12.05 11:42

Taiwan man probed over robbery amputation claim

TAIPEI (AFP) - A Taiwanese man who said his hand had to be amputated after a savage robbery in China was questioned Monday by the island's police amid allegations the injuries were self-inflicted. R...

Updated : 2011.11.29 11:45