More Korean history to be included in US textbook from 2018: ministry

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Should government pay half for college?

As students take to the streets for cheaper university tuition ... Should government pay half for college? College fees in South Korea In recent days thousands of students have been taking to the ...

Updated : 2011.06.15 19:00

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On the death penalty... China, India, the U.S., Japan and several other major countries still use the death penalty. Especially when you consider that technically Korea is still in a state of war, a...

Updated : 2011.06.08 19:01

Should Korea end the death penalty?

With a growing abolitionist trend worldwide and 14 years execution-free...Should Korea end the death penalty? Somali pirates on trial last month after hijacking a South Korean freighter earlier in t...

Updated : 2011.06.08 19:00

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On nuclear energy... The environmental consequences and sheer capital intensiveness of nuclear power seals the deal on it being a complete loser as far as supplying our energy needs. We can’t repla...

Updated : 2011.06.08 16:07

Should Korea scrap nuclear energy?

After the Fukushima disaster and Germany’s decision to shut down its reactors ...Should Korea scrap nuclear energy? Yes: It is too dangerous for us to control The “nuclear renaissance” is still ...

Updated : 2011.06.01 19:21
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