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‘Webtoons’ enter mainstream of comics

Webtoons or webcomics have become mainstream among readers of comics, data showed Monday. According to data analysis firm Daumsoft Inc., the word “webtoon” has become more frequently used on blog an...

Updated : 2015.07.27 14:30

‘YO-Kai Watch’: Japan’s monster craze set to go international

TOKYO (AFP) ― Move over Pokemon, a legion of new cutesy monsters is haunting Japan and set to break out all over the world after trampling the competition at home. “YO-Kai Watch” is a nexus of mang...

Updated : 2014.09.15 20:05

Korean animated film wins top honor at Zagreb festival

A still cut from “Love Games”A South Korean director has won a top prize at the world festival of animated films in Zagreb, Croatia, becoming the first Korean winner of the festival, according to th...

Updated : 2014.06.11 20:05

Korean webtoons going global

A few months ago, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power popped out of nowhere as one of the most frequently searched keywords online. Its website crashed for hours because of excessive clicks. What caused the s...

Updated : 2014.05.25 21:12

Disney adding Marvel heroes to ‘Infinity’ game

LOS ANGELES (AP) ― Buzz Lightyear, meet Captain America. The Walt Disney Co. is adding several Marvel superheroes to its toys-meets-games series “Disney Infinity.” The company announced plans Wedne...

Updated : 2014.05.01 19:53
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