Korea Herald

Since its establishment in 1953 to serve as “Korea’s window to the world,” Herald Corporation has been a pioneer in the country’s knowledge-information industry.

Herald Corporation publishes two daily newspapers and a weekly newspaper: The Korea Herald -- Korea’s No. 1 English-language newspaper, The Herald Business -- a leading Korean-language business and entertainment daily, and The Junior Herald -- a weekly newspaper for preteens.

Herald Corporation has successfully broadened its services into the broadcast and new media sectors, establishing itself as a global media group. In 2007, it took over Donga TV, the leading cable channel for women, to further widen its network.

To keep up with the pace of change in the media environment, Herald Corporation continues to develop content for new media platforms, including mobile, online, e-book and tablet PC content.

Celebrating its 58th anniversary, The Korea Herald underwent a significant upgrade to and its status is now unmatched by any other English language newspaper in Korea. It expanded its business and culture sections. With the change, more in-depth business stories and a wide range of coverage from pop culture to traditional culture is available.

The Naeway Economic Daily, a leading business daily for 30 years, was renamed The Herald Business in 2003 and became the nation’s first “fusion newspaper,” combining business and financial information with culture and entertainment news.

The Junior Herald is a sister newspaper of The Korea Herald. First published May 1, 2004, it has become a prestigious newspaper for young readers, especially those between the ages of 10 and 16.

The Junior Herald will strive to become one of the most valuable English newspapers in Asia with top quality and interesting stories, and boost the Newspaper In Education movement, which helps students find knowledge in newspapers.

Education is one of the most important business areas of Herald Corporation along with newspaper production and new media.

It operates a “lifetime language education network” from childhood to adulthood with two language institutes, three subsidiaries and six English Villages. Herald Corporation also offers printing, translation and special project services.

The English Villages, which provide a live-in environment where only English is spoken, attract more than 200,000 students each year. With more than 50 years of history, The Korea Herald English institute ( and The Korea Herald Translation center ( are recognized as the country’s leading providers of language services.

Herald Corporation has a proud tradition and an unmatched brand power in media and education. Setting its sights on broader horizons, the company is undertaking a historical transformation from Korea’s premier media group to a leading knowledge-information powerhouse in Asia and global content provider.