Comedy show portrays ethnic Chinese Koreans as ‘swindlers’

2013-05-27 18:01


KBS TV Gag Concert segment "Yellow Sea"

A comedy program on the state-run KBS network featured an unflattering portrayal of ethnic Koreans in China, inviting critical comments from viewers. 

The segment in question is named “Yellow Sea,” which debuted on KBS’ “Gag Concert” Saturday. In the skit, actors play dirt-poor Chinese-Koreans attempting a voice phishing fraud on South Koreans in a satirical fashion. 

They used a half-baked standard Korean accent to deceive their counterparts, which seemed to be the key selling point to generate laughs. 

From the perspective of many ethnic Korean-Chinese who are working in South Korea, such a depiction might come off as a gross generalization or distortion, especially given that the segment focuses on ethnic Koreans engaged in illegal activities. 

The two actors performed in a dull-gray-colored setting, putting on old, shabby clothes that suggested that they were poor swindlers based in China. 

“What we tried to satirize is not ethnic Chinese-Koreans but the fraud involving voice phishing,” said Kim Sang-mi, producer of the new segment. 

Kim said the segment will continue with its theme throughout various schemes.

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