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Subject Help for Japan
ID Herald Date 2011-03-15

 One of the largest earthquakes ever recorded struck off the northeastern coast of Japan on March 11, spawning a massive tsunami. The death toll is expected to reach tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of people have been left homeless.

The Korea Herald and other members of the Korean Association of Newspapers have launched a campaign to raise relief funds for the victims in conjunction with the Korea Disaster Relief, the Korean Red Cross and the Community Chest of Korea.

Donations can be made by ARS or bank remittance.

 * 060-701-1004 (Korea Disaster Relief)
 * 060-707-1070 (Korean Red Cross)
 * 060-700-1122 (Community Chest of Korea)

 Remittance: Bank account number

 * Nonghyup: 106906-64-013414 (Korea Disaster Relief)
 * KB: 9-010-001-0004 (Korean Red Cross)
 * Korea Exchange Bank: 068-13-21409-0 (Community Chest of Korea)

 For more information, please call the Korea Disaster Relief at 1544-9595, the Korean Red Cross at 02-3705-3736 or the Community Chest of Korea at 02-6262-3079.


 The Korean Association of Newspapers
 The Korea Herald